Wayne Mangum and his staff have been closing loans in Farmington, New Mexico for 19 years.  Wayne has established a business based on good service and great communication.  Silver Oak Mortgage has seen a lot of their competitors come and go over the years. Consistency in service and stability in the community have been the bedrock of Silver Oak Mortgage's success. Wayne has been heard  saying, "We never look at a customer as a dollar sign", that philosophy has made for a tremendous following for Wayne and his staff.


                         Wayne Mangum 


Well, that's a tricky question to answer.  With enormous amounts of regulation heaped upon the mortgage industry since 2009, the process isn't what it used to be.  We're still closing lots of loans these days', but we are asking our customers for more paperwork than ever and in some cases lots of patience.  We do our best to foreshadow and asked for as much of the necessary documentation up front.  At times, the underwriter will ask for more information about you as a borrower before they issue an approval, which means we have to come back to you with a request that you dig through your filing cabinet and pull out another paystub or bank statement.  Even though it can be less than fun at times, it seems as if we always meet our clients' at the closing table with smiles on their faces and a promise that they will send their friends' to us. They never fail us, they always send them our way! 


As stated above Wayne and his staff have spent almost 19 years closing residential mortgages.  Silver Oak Mortgage is a staple in the community.  Our referrals keep us in business and we have developed many wonderful friendships with a whole bunch of great people.  Nearly all of the those relationships started over a loan application.   Beverly Bixler has been with us for nearly 16 years.  Although Wayne's the owner, Bev's the boss, Shh, don't tell her that!  Bev is the best there is, and we wouldn't have the following we do if it wasn't for her.  We know what we're doing and they've closed hundred's upon hundred's of loans.  The loan products include FHA, Conventional, VA and Jumbo.  Click the Loan Application button up at the top left to get started.