The Process:

We understand that purchasing a home is the most expensive thing you’ll ever do.  With that said, we also know that boxes need to be packed, the moving van needs to be loaded, all while you’re working your job and getting kids to and from activities. Although you might be excited, you’re probably nervous, stressed out and maybe a little scared.   

Here is we step up and help shoulder your burden.  When we initially visit with you we’ll try to find out as much about your mortgage story as possible. Important items such as, your employment status, salary or commissioned wage earner, self-employed, married/divorced, paying child support/receiving child support. 

Things like down payment are extremely important to talk about.  Is the money in your checking account, or buried in your back yard? Is it money you have saved, or did you get it from your grandma? We’re not the IRS, don’t worry! (By the way if you’re getting your money from grandma or another relative, talk to us first, there’s a specific paper trail you need to follow.)

We will do our absolute best to foreshadow any pitfalls that may be lurking in the shadows of your loan process. We will ask for as much of the relevant paper work that we possibly can early in the process. This will save to you from having to go back continually to retrieve one piece at a time. Be warned, there’s a good chance we wont request it all on the first try…..sometimes we do, but not always,  underwriters often seem to want something else.

When we start the process out the Silver Oak way, it tends to be a pretty good recipe for a smooth transaction. Also, you’ll have more time to deal with all of things I mentioned up there in the first paragraph. We argue with underwriters, get insurance quotes, chase appraisals, order loan documents, communicate with your realtor and keep you as involved as you want to be.

In the new era of increased regulation sometimes borrowing money on real estate can be a pain, we do our very best to absorb much of the hassle on your behalf. We’re pretty good at it, just ask our 22 years’ worth of return customers.